Test Fixtures

Testpro offers a complete range of test fixtures and associated.

For low- to medium production volumes of printed circuit boards see our MiniFIX or MA-series, for high volumes see our RotaFIX or InlineFIX. 

In start-up of a production you may begin with a low-cost MiniFIX.

After tuning of the product and demand for higher volume are present, you may upgrade to RotaFIX or InlineFIX for use in an automatic production line.

The start-up MiniFIX may then be used for repair and services



Mini fixture
Low-cost, compact manual bed of nails fixture suitable for a wide range of production and test purposes

Size and interface to tester is made according to customer requirements.

For easier operation, the MiniFix can also be delivered with pneumatic cylinder.

Mini fixture

Manual operated fixtures
We have many years of experience from building manual-, pneumatic-, and vacuum-operated test fixtures for several types of ATE and functional test.

See our board design recommendations for better fixturing

Manual fixture kit MA2110
Semi automatic fixtures
Decrease production test time with automated test fixtures. Typical features can be automatic access to connectors, operating pushbuttons and knobs, potmeter adjustments, device programming etc.

If the fixture is integrated into an automated process setup, a SW library may be delivered for easy control of the fixture functions.

fixture kit MA2110
Pneumatic operated rotating fixtures
The RTU fixture is designed for high throughput and maximum operator efficiency

Operator change board in the front while board in the back position is tested.

The PLC controlled fixture can communicate with the connected test/production equipment through f.ex.a RS232/USB terminal for automatic start of test and Pass/Fail teststatus to operator.


Rotating fixture for small loaded PCB


Automatic inline testfixtures
Typical production line features:
  • multi-panel separation
  • device programming
  • functional testing
  • label application/ink-jet printing

Line control software is specially designed to customer requirements and is easily installed on a standard PC.

inline testhead fixture


Pneumatic operated fixtures for backplanes
Our pneumatic operated test fixtures for backplanes are designed for easy operation and maximum accessibility.

Size and interface to tester is made after customer requirements.

Backplane test fixture - BPF


Test probes Test probe
Testpro have the most commonly used receptacles and test probes of 50, 75, and 100 mils centre distance on stock in Oslo. In addition we have samples of more than 100 types of test probes. Normal delivery time from supplier is less than one week.

The following types of test probes, test sockets and interfaces are in the program:

  • Standard probes from 10 mils to 187 mils centres
  • Metric probes
  • Rotating probes
  • Battery probes
  • High-current probes
  • Probes for contacting into connectors
  • Double ended probes
  • Coaxial probes
  • Switch probes
  • Pneumatic probes
  • Probes for bare board test
  • Solid pins
  • Test connectors
  • Connector test blocks
  • Test sockets and interfaces
Our suppliers are:

Interconnect Devices : test probes, test sockets and interfaces for special applications

INGUN Prûfmittelbau : test probes and fixture kits

Catalogs can be downloaded